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This time, I studies the psycho surgery & crystal healing, clairvoyant for a week. I enjoyed to study & learn the healing with teacher ranjit.
I realized that i need more practice, more practice , more i can heal the person effectively. I will start healing the people who need as soon as i go back to Thailand. Thank you for giving me a chance to study it.Thank you !! mother nature and teacher.

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I studied the Chakra Healing & Meditation course with Ranjit and I loved it. It was mind blowing. Ranjit is a patient and very flexible teacher.

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13 days - 7 psychic surgery, basic, color courses. I had experienced a series of huge challengers - physically and emotional over the last 10 years. I found myself feeling constantly exhausted . I was getting sick quite often, and not able to get better. I was finding it difficult to make decisions and feeling very depleted in spirtiual energy.
In Australia, i went for 2 healing sessions - something i had never done before. I felt like it was really helpful & felt so light. But within 3 months i was feeling heavy & depleted again.
The great thing about Ranjeet's healing system is that he teaches you to maintain your aura and chakras so you can sustain feeling light and stable .

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I met Ranjit on the street in Bhagsu. We chatted for a while and then he gave me his information flyer. I didn't know what the traumatic healing exactly mean. I was interested in the ayurveda massage in the first place. Nevertheless in about 2 days i assigned to basic healing, color healing, psycho healing, psycho surgery & clairvoyant course. Working with energy is something new & very interesting to me. I felt how energies work, how aura and chakras cleaning works. I learned which colors and energies to use.
       Ranjit opened door for me to know how to heal myself and other people too. Now its  upto me to practise and practice to improve my healing techniques.
I found a new world inside me & i feel much more peaceful now. Thank you very much for this experience !!!

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