In this course you will learn about Energy, forms of Energy, how many energies are working for us in our daily life, about chakras how many chakras are there , functions of chakras and what happened when certain chakras gone out of order.

You will also learn seven healing techniques to heal yourself and others. First you learn how to make the hands sensitive so that you can sense the energy in yourself. Then youw will learn the scanning technique to find out which chakras is not working. You will find out the condition of Chakra weather it is congested, depleted or normal. Then you will learn how to make the patient receptive. So that he/she comes in the mood of receiving healing. The you learn how to clean the chakras, Auras and how to give energy to the patients. When to cut out or finish the healing sessions.

This all you will learn in five days courses of basic healing techniques.

2. COLOR HEALING - 5 DAYS : 2 Hrs/Daily

After completing the basic course you can choose the advance course of healing which is Color healing. In this course you will learn how to draw colors from universe and to use it for healing. You will learn color properties, their functions, color visualization meditions, projection of colors which is used in healing and scanning. As you go more advance in first level you will learn that chakras is congested or depleted in color healing. You will lean wheather it is underactice or overactive. Then you will learn how to clean the aura, Chakras organs with colors. You will expertise in energizing with colors and advance techniques of healing to heal several people at same time.

3. PSYCHO HEALING - 4 DAYS : 2 Hrs/Daily

In this course you will learn Psychological functions of Chakras. How the traumatic energies are produced and how that can effect us emotionally. You will learn how to check the protective web of chakras. In this course you will learn how to clear the psychic entities or sick energy of the chakras and how to protect yourself from the negative & sick energies which will effect our emotional conditions.

4. CRYSTAL HEALING - 5 DAYS : 2 Hrs/Daily

In this course you will learn the properties of crystal and how to use it in healing. You will learn what happened when we wear a crystal without programming. You will learn ( cleaning to program process ) consecration process to program a crystal. You will learn how to use a program crystal for cleaning & energizing.

5. PHYSCHO SURGERY - 8 DAYS : 2 Hrs/Daily

In ths course One wil learn how to give different treatment to someone who is suffering from anger,irritation,jaelousy, broekn heart depression,thinking neagatively most of the time. In this course we will teach you seven different treatments. First three treatments work for past life, three for present and last treatments work for your future
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